Inequalities in Mortality 1989-1998
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This is the first all Ireland mortality report for 80 years and provides information on patterns of mortality by age, gender, geography and socio-economic class. The Institute of Public Health in Ireland has been set up to promote co-operation for public health between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Its priority is to reduce inequalities in health. 

This report on mortality and mortality data has been produced by the Institute to add to understanding and promote dialogue about what could be done to protect and promote health. It is based on nearly half a million deaths which occurred on the island of Ireland during 1989-1998. It describes mortality from sixty five causes of death for the whole island, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and draws comparisons with the (combined) fifteen countries of the European Union. 

The report describes age, gender, region and occupational class variations in mortality. The report is in three sections: Part One includes a brief outline of the key themes and areas for future action, as well as a summary of the methods used and results.Part Two presents, with the aid of figures, tables and maps, directly standardised mortality rates and rate ratios for each of the sixty five causes of death. Part Three makes recommendations about data issues.

This report shows that mortality rates in Ireland, North and South, compare unfavourably to those of our EU neighbours. It highlights profound inequalities in health that pervade the island. These are often overlooked in debate. By outlining common challenges to Public Health, the report makes the case for greater North-South co-operation.

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