Easy Read: Review of the New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs Phase 2 (NSD-2)
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This is an Easy Read summary of a detailed report developed by the Institute of Public Health for the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. In 2011, the Department of Health introduced a strategy aimed at reducing harm from alcohol and drugs across Northern Ireland. It is called the New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs Phase 2 and known as NSD-2 for short. 

The review used interviews, focus groups and questionnaires to look at six aspects of NSD-2. In 2018, to help the Department of Health review the progress of NSD-2, IPH asked some of the people involved in it for their opinions on how the Strategy was going.

Three research tools were used in this evaluation - an online questionnaire, semi-structured interviews and focus groups. Participants included members of the NSD-2 Steering Group and those with responsibility for the planning and delivering services. Participants also included representatives of those who used these services. We asked them the following questions:
 What is the pattern of alcohol use and harm in Northern Ireland?
 How suitable was the structure of NSD-2 for making change?
 How well did NSD-2 keep to its principles and priorities?
 How well was NSD-2 managed?
 Did NSD-2 prove to be good value for money?
 Will the changes that have made last into the future?
 Did NSD-2 focus on those most in need?

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