Public Health Matters Podcast
Public Health Matters Podcast: S1 Ep 1 Sir Michael Marmot on the social factors that influence life expectancy

The Institute of Public Health has launched a new Public Health Matters podcast highlighting key public health issues across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In the first series of the Public Health Matters podcast we look at what lessons we can learn from public health.

In the first episode, we speak to Sir Michael Marmot, a Professor of Epidemiology at University College London, known across the globe for his ground-breaking work on the health gaps that exist between rich and poor. 

Professor Marmot has led research groups in health inequalities for over 40 years and chaired the Commission on the Social Determinants of Health set up by WHO, among many other projects. He has published widely on the topic, from his seminal book, ‘The Health Gap: The Challenge Of An Unequal World’, to reports on closing the gap and building back a fairer society post-Covid.

In this episode Professor Marmot joins us to talk about how social factors such as housing, education, and income impact our health and life expectancy and what we can do about that.





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