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BLOG 1: Sustainable diets are good for humans and the planet

BLOG 2: Lives have been saved by stamping out tobacco harm, but we can do more

BLOG 3: With an ageing boom on the way, we need to support older people to get physically active

The inaugural European Public Health week is being held from May 13th to May 17th 2019. The week aims to raise awareness of public health, promote wellness and encourage healthy behaviours. The event is for all professionals and citizens contributing to better public health at local, national, regional and European level. Events, activities and awareness campaigns are being held across Europe, with each day dedicated to an important public health theme.


17 May - Youth mental health

Who is organising European Public Health Week?

European Public Health Week is an initiative by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). EUPHA is an umbrella organisation for public health associations and institutes in Europe. The Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) is a member of EUPHA and is supporting European Public Health Week. The week is co-organised by the European Commission and co-financed by the EU Health Programme. It is also supported by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Why should you support European Public Health Week?

Public health aims to promote and protect the health of the entire population and communities. Organisations and professionals just like you contribute to public health by trying to prevent problems from happening, promoting wellness, and encouraging healthy behaviours. This can mean conducting research to inform policies that support public health, implementing educational programs, or working to create the conditions and environment in which people can be healthy.

By supporting European Public Health Week you are highlighting the important work undertaken by you and your colleagues to create healthier populations and communities across the island of Ireland.

How you can support

We welcome your support in sharing key messages about European Public Health Week. You can support by sharing awareness messages on your social media channels and websites, changing your email footers to European Public Health Week Ireland logo, or by using any opportunity to connect with activities throughout the week. You can also highlight the important role your organising is playing to improve public health. Suggested content or social media is included in the partner pack. If you have any other opportunities to share the awareness messages please get in contact with IPH’s Communications Officer Martin Grant at martin.grant@publichealth.ie or on 014786319

When sharing content, please tag us and use the following hashtags:

Hashtags: #EUPHW
Twitter Handle: @publichealthie @EUPHActs

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